Saturday, January 28, 2017

What if....

 ...things don't always go as planned. Do they ever ? I started this blog back in 2012. Yep, about 5 years ago!  I've posted some, but not regularly, so it's time to get in gear and do this !  Catching up, here's some of the things that have happened along the journey of my life--
  • 2014 - May--My business was displaced due to the neighboring building collapsing.
  • 2014- June --I was diagnosed with breast cancer.
So, we moved our Insurance Agency into another building and then one final move to get settled. All this while I went through chemo for 13 months and 35 radiation treatments and several surgeries. I AM OKAY !  I'm back to normal... working full time and back to doing all the "stuff" I did before.  And anyone who knows me know I love to be busy! What else could I do ? Hmmmmm..... So... I started my very own virtual franchise with Rodan + Fields!   I have been super excited to take on this new venture.  I'll be sharing more on that soon ! This is so true and I do love amazing !!💕