Sunday, February 5, 2017

Rehoming an old friend...

When I was young I took piano lessons.  Lots of us did.  When I moved out of my parents home I got my piano.  It has followed me for 34 years!   And, no I do not play the piano any more.  My piano lived in our dining room and I REALLY  wanted and antique buffet to refinish (paint) and put in the dining room. Well in the fall of 2016 my mom ran across an amazing buffet ( it needed some repairs, but a real beauty). Yes the piano was still in residence in the dining room and numerous attempts to find her a new home was not going well.  Mom and I drove down to Paducah to Sisters & Friends and loaded up the buffet and some refinishing supplies.... Miss Lillian's Chock Paint and glaze and top coat.   I began the task of repair and painting all while STILL trying to rehome my piano.  The buffet was complete and Garrett and I got it in place. Now the piano lived in the middle of the dining room!  Well, finally the piano found a new home by donating her to Morthland College where she would have new friends to play with!  And I love the "new" buffet!

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